Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Bench

AlphaClean 1300 controls vertical laminar airflow over the working area takes containment to new levels, ensuring your safety.


  • Microprocessor control.
  • Main body is made of steel with white oven-baked epoxy-polyester power-coated.
  • Work zone is made of stainless steel, grade 304.
  • Side walls is made of steel with white oven-baked epoxy-polyester power-coated.
  • Front glass window, is made of hardened/ laminated safety glass, and provides protection from explosion and UV with more comfortable viewing.
  • There are 2 filters, as prefilter and HEPA filter. HEPA filter provides 99.999% typical efficiency for particle size of 0.3 microns.
  • There are 2 UV lamps which are installed inside the cabinet for sterilization.
  • Interlocking safety mechanism is set between UV lamp and fluorescent light/ front sash status.
  • The colored LCD display offers an unprecedented level of viewing and operation experience. The intuitive interface delivers a constant read-out of working area temperature, air velocity/volume, filter life span, total running time.
  • Model: AlphaClean 1300
  • External dimensions (W×D×H): 1,500 x 760 x 1,630 mm
  • Internal work area, dimensions (W×D×H): 1,380 x 650 x 510 mm
  • Vertical velocity: 0.2~0.5 m/s
  • Sound emission: ≤ 62 dB
  • Fluorescent light intensity: 450 LUX
  • Brand: Heal Force